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Celebrities, fashion bloggers and you are most likely wearing these 70's inspired trend. Why do we love them? Not because they bring us back to the Disco decade or they give us a bohemian vibe. We love them because of the simple reason that they make us look 4-5 inches taller!!! Enough said! We are having a 70's revival on the runways and we are eager to go try these conformable yet trendy...

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Slip into a pair of strappy sandals that you'll love forever. (more…)

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Best Easter Shoes

Easter Bunny approved ;) (more…)

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Nany’s Klozet x Shoes Dsire

Special project coming soon! (more…)

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Jump start your holidays with the perfect accessories and of course ...killer shoes! (more…)

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Must Haves: The Gladiator Shoe

The Gladiator shoe, a multi-strap shoe that can be worn as a sandal or heel! This type of shoe is easy to style and suits every personality, whether you're a girly-girl or a true-tomboy, the gladiator shoe is for everyone! (more…)

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Fashion Happy Hour: Bloggers Give Back

What's more stylish than giving back? (more…)

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What to Expect: Version 2 of Shoes Dsire

Here at the Shoes Dsire HQ, we have some auh-mazin' news! (more…)

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D.I.Y: Crop Top

An easy D.I.Y. that will leave you scissor happy. (more…)

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Must-Haves Under $100

    UM, HELLO! Must-Haves under $100? LETS GO SHOPPING! (more…)

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