Slip into a pair of strappy sandals that you’ll love forever.

There’s no doubt that Urban Outfitters has become one of the most coveted stores to find all your must-have fashion finds. So before you start planning all of your Summer adventures, it’s only right you pack the right pair of sandals to make every look a winner!

STRAPPY SANDALS - Urban Outfitters

Not a fan of colorful strappy sandals? Well, these Alameda sandals also come in black! Neutralize your style with a pair of these sandals for a more casual approach.

As they say, simple is more.¬†By pairing these Alameda sandals in a more neutral way, we show you just how versatile these sandals are! Pair these beauties with your favorite skinny jeans and an oversized cardigan for all those times where all you want to be is comfortable in the office yet still fashionable… of course.


Lets get tropical with these multi tone Alameda strappy sandals. Embark on all your Summer adventures with a pair of sandals that will keep the heads turning!

Yup! We’re packing our bags and never looking back. The Tropical version of Alameda sandals are our favorite being that it reflects the true Miami IT girl! So slip on your cut-off shorts and killer crop top for a day in the Miami sun.


Strappy Sandals that will leave your style on a brighter note! We can’t get enough of the hints of bright blue and yellow straps to pump up your look of the day.

If you’re the kind of gal who isn’t afraid of color then these sandals are for you!

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