Most likely this summer you choose to take a vacation from work, friends, kids or just decided that you deserved a getaway. If you truly wanted to relax you choose a caribbean location “who blames you” I would do the same! You  can be waking up to the sound of the breeze thought the palm trees and the sound of the waves, sounds good right?

As women we always try to be prepared for every occasion in this case I put together some must have shoes for your Caribbean dream vacation. Besides walking tough the soft sand and laying while reading your favorite book you will most likely have a date night with your significant other or go sight seeing trough city. You will also make plans to have a late night drink at the local bar or enjoy a Sunday brunch and lets not forget a boat ride. All of these activities require different shoes! I hope this is helpful to complete your perfect summer getaway.

For your first day at the beach and we know you wanna relax!




For those gals who prefer comfortable shoes to take long walks on the beach:





Some said boat ride? If you decide to hop on a boat and cruise trough the ocean with your friends or your hubby you can try these gorgeous yet comfortable shoes:



If you are tired of relaxing (said no one ever) LOL. You are making plans to have dinner in the town and after you are hitting the local bar, these two pairs are perfect! The wedges will fit best if you wanna feel sexy and the gladiator sandals are for those who want to make a fashion statement while staying comfortable.




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