Everyday we are challenged with putting together the right pieces. What ever your style is you must always embrace your style, beauty and figure however there are time that we need some guidance. In this case we are sharing some of the best Do’s and Don’ts for this summer.

Don’t forget the “little white dress”.

It’s summer and its getting hotter therefor black is something that we must try to avoid this summer. A little white dress will be your go to party dress as well as derive the day. White is incredible sexy and sometimes easier to wear.


Don’t be afraid to rock the “All Denim Look”.

Pattern mixing is trending but all denim is going strong, and this season it’s all about denim. Do remember that the key is to wear denim bottoms and a denim top too! Don’t be afraid to mix lighter denim with darker denim. You’ll have quite a strong look if you get it right.

Do the “jumpsuit trend”.

The jumpsuit revival hit the runways this seasons ago but it;s not time to put yours away. On the other hand look chick and updated with this trend. You can rock the look during the day with some sneakers or flats or dress it up with some gorgeous heels and a statement necklace and voila you ready for a night out. Do update an old jumpsuit with some accessories!

Do wear you favorite sneakers to go out!

 Are you a workout freak? Well  it’s your time to feel good and look good. DON’T feel underdressed when stepping outside. Work bright colors and funky prints. Yellows and oranges lend a girly touch to the athletic style.


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