It’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift are fashion icons. We see them on TV, magazines, red carpets, and of course social media. They’re unique wardrobe choices have impacted the fashion world. For example Kim is a mother and a wife who is constantly in the spotlight. Her personal relationships with top designers have given her the best looks, she is considered the best dressed in designer clothes form head to toe. Kim likes to take risks with her outfits as you can see below, however she knows how to pull them off. On the other hand we have her younger sister Kendall who has quickly proven herself to be a supermodel in the making, her somtimes bohemian style gives a sense of relief. How? She always looks put together with simple pieces! She can make a head to toe black outfit feel fresh again. So ladies next time you are worrying about looking awesome on the streets take a look at Kendall’s easy style and try it! Taylor is the queen of a romantic and classic fashion. Her style is sophisticate, chic and sexy. Taylor has an eye for combining primary and complementary colors and lets not forget about her statement red lips. She clearly know how to dress for her shape. She emphasizes her waist and likes to show off her amazing long legs! This girl can never go wrong with her amazing figure!


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