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Do’s & Don’ts

Everyday we are challenged with putting together the right pieces. What ever your style is you must always embrace your style, beauty and figure however there are time that we need some guidance. In this case we are sharing some of the best Do's and Don'ts for this summer. Don't forget the "little white dress". It's summer and its getting hotter therefor black is something that we must try to avoid...

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Celebrities, fashion bloggers and you are most likely wearing these 70's inspired trend. Why do we love them? Not because they bring us back to the Disco decade or they give us a bohemian vibe. We love them because of the simple reason that they make us look 4-5 inches taller!!! Enough said! We are having a 70's revival on the runways and we are eager to go try these conformable yet trendy...

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High Waisted Swimsuits For Summer 2015

The 50's are back... WHO'S EXITED? Whether you attend a summer pool party, a boat ride or lay at the beach with your friends you need to consider the following swimsuit trend! Get inspired by high waisted bikinis and bathing suits. For those risk takers mix and match your favorite prints (make a fashion statement with cheetah and stripes), if you consider yourself boho chic try the complete floral or monochromatic look, and for those...

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