This weeks is all aboutĀ 70’s Denim!

#TBT 70's Denim

70’s Denim makes us question if you remember your mothers jeans? Well we remember ours! So this week, we’re turning back time in these bell bottom jeans.

But now you must wonder, how do you complete the total 70’s denim look. Well here’s the total breakdown!

#TBT 70's Denim

Bell bottoms made to perfection! These jeans are by Mih which totally give off the 70’s vibe, with a slight mid-rise and major flare we can’t deny its coolness.

#TBT 70's Denim

Now lets pair those jeans with a classic striped crop top that will ultimately compliment the jeans perfectly! This top by River Island is so easy to pair that you truly can rock it for every decade!#TBT 70's Denim

Mary Jane platform heelsĀ are the final touch! Plus white heels can practically go with anything not only will you be in 70’s style but you will invest in heels that you’ll wear more than once. Try these Elizabeth and James for size?

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